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Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you need to do in your business? Would you love to outsource some tasks but are worried about how it will work and aren’t sure which ones to whom? Outsourcing aspects of your business can benefit you as, realistically, how many of us are skilled at everything? […]

Outsourcing fears, tips and what to outsource?

Marcie James Designs founder sitting at a table with her closed laptop and mug beside her, looking through a notebook

November 24, 2021

I knew what career path I wanted to take from a young age; I wasn’t particularly academic at school. Practical and creative subjects always suited me better, so finding myself over 20 years later having started Marcie James Designs is quite a surprise! I worked in various childcare settings for several years, but as time […]

My Business Journey, how it all began!

Marcie James Designs founder standing outside on a path with trees, flowers and plants in the background

October 27, 2021