Outsourcing fears, tips and what to outsource?

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything you need to do in your business? Would you love to outsource some tasks but are worried about how it will work and aren’t sure which ones to whom?

Outsourcing aspects of your business can benefit you as, realistically, how many of us are skilled at everything? However, what are the fears that prevent you from doing it, and how can you move on from them?

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Outsourcing fears

Losing control

Yes, it is your business, baby, and the thought of letting someone else take over part of it worries you; however, as long as some clear boundaries are made from the start, then there are plenty of ways for it to work.

It costs too much

It can be tricky as a Small Business Owner to justify spending money; however, look at what parts of the business you need help with? Do you need help for a one-off project, or do you need help more regularly? Prioritise what needs to be done and then, in the future, revisit what other support you could get. 

It’s quicker to do it myself

As long as you find the right person to work with, clear expectations are made from the beginning, and the task explained thoroughly, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t work! Yes, there may be some initial training or questions to answer first; however, think about the benefits of having a particular task off your hands.

Ok, but what kind of things can I outsource that will help my business?

Take a look at the following and think of the area you really struggle with or hate doing?


  • Organising your inbox and dealing with client emails/social media enquiries.
  • Data entry.
  • Carrying out research.
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments 
  • Sorting out your electronic filing systems.
  • Proofreading
  • Newsletter, blog or other content creation 
  • Website maintenance


  • Create a strategy for your social media presence
  • Social media management (creating content, scheduling, engagement) 
  • Manage social media ads
  • Help with events and campaigns


  • Logo creation & brand kit
  • Brand assets
  • Illustrations
  • Creating social media templates
  • Creating other marketing graphics
  • Managing your visual graphics for social media 
  • Website design


  • Setting up your systems
  • Ongoing accountancy or book-keeping
  • Assist with tax returns 
  • Dealing with invoices/managing bill payments/VAT 

Outsourcing tips

Ok, so you know where you need support and have bit the bullet and decided to outsource, but what next? Of course, this can vary depending on what you are outsourcing; however, here are my top 3 tips for working with a VA.

Provide clear instructions/expectations

Although it can take a bit of time to initially set up, make sure you are clear about the tasks you need your VA to do.
Also, ensure you both know when each other are available for any questions and expectations of updates and timeframes are known to reduce frustrations on both sides.

Use the right tools and document any processes.

This may sound obvious but ensure the VA has access to any programs/tools, website or social media accounts they need and have some guidelines to keep the process smoother for everyone and if needed again in the future.

Be patient and let them ask questions.

As much as you want a VA to take some of your workloads off you and you both get on with your tasks, be patient with them if they need to clarify anything. You will both much prefer it in the long run if communication is open and jobs won’t need to keep being redone.

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I hope you found this helpful, and don’t forget, you can also find out more about the services I offer, how I work or visit my template shop here, and if you like what you see and would love to work together, then get in touch.   

Louise x

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